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Team Australia: 'As much as I am Canadian, I also feel proud of my Australian roots'

What would happen if Team Australia faced off against Team Canada?
That was the question posed to Adam Smith about which country his two young sons would cheer for should Australia and Canada find themselves lined up across from one another at some point during this September’s World Lacrosse Championship during the 10-day competition at Langley Events Centre.
“That’s a tough one, I don’t know who they will cheer for,” he admitted. “(But) I have a feeling they will probably cheer for Canada.”
The hypothetical dilemma stems from the fact the boys – Harrison, who turns five in November and Ryker, who turned two in March – were born in Canada and are too young to fully comprehend the family’s Australian heritage.
Smith is equally proud of both his Canadian and his Australian heritage.
The now 39-year-old was born in Australia and remained until he was eight years old when the family of four (he has a younger sister) emigrated to Canada, settling first in North Delta before living in bot…